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Special Events

Let Detroit Axe Host Your Event!

Detroit Axe is perfectly designed to host large group events. Our locations are an ideal destination for corporate events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, family get togethers, or just a large group of friends who want to throw axes together.

When you book an event with Detroit Axe, every aspect of your event will be coordinated by our event specialists, including arena/venue reservation and food and beverage packages.

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Bulleyes axe throw



Walk-Ins are $20 per person for one hour of Axe Throwing. Walk-Ins are available on a first come, first serve basis and based on availability. If we can't get you in right away, we will put you on a waitlist for the next available slot if one is available. Please keep in mind that you could be sharing your walk in lanes with up to 6 total people. To get a private axe throwing session, please make a reservation.

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Addicted to Axes?

We Don’t Use the Term “Axe Masters” Lightly

We are proud to say that when you come to Detroit Axe, you get to work with some of the best axe masters in the world. Two of our Axe Masters placed in the top 3 in the 2020 International Axe Throwing Championship. Our team prepares you to have a great time throwing bullseye after bullseye while cheering you on and helping you stay safe.

Axe Throne
Who Will Claim the Coveted Throne?

It’s tradition for the winner of each game to take their seat on our prestigious axe throne. This symbolizes their victory and domination over their opponents.

Or… if you want to post a really cool picture on your social media, we guess that’s okay, too. Just be sure to tag us @detroitaxe for a chance to be featured on our official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Have Some Questions?

Our FAQs page has a ton of information and answers to the questions we are most often asked.
If you still have any questions, we encourage you to contact a location nearest you!

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We Have Good Taste

At all of our locations, we have delicious food to energize you before you throw, or satisfy your hunger post bullseye.

Our Ferndale location has a restaurant called The Corner just below it. With over 500 games to play while you eat or drink, you’re sure to have a good time!

Our other locations have delicious menus. If you have questions about our menus, feel free to contact us!

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