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Elevate Your Game with Axe Throwing Leagues in Metro Detroit

Axe throwing can be more than just a fun time when you’re out with friends, family, or co-workers. When you become invested in the sport, it’s time to join a league and compete with some of the best throwers in and around Michigan.

Axe Throwing leagues are a great way to indulge your craving for the thunk economically and socially. You get 7 weeks of match play (28 matches total) culminating in the top 16 playoffs on week 8. You also get $10 walk-in pricing, a free T-Shirt and the chance to hang out some pretty cool people.


International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF)

Do You Have a Passion for the Sport of Axe Throwing?

As one of the world’s fastest-growing sports, axe throwing has seen a rise in internationally recognized organizations such as the International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF). Detroit Axe is proudly affiliated with this organization, giving our league throwers access to some of the best competition in the world with over 9,000 members. To better accommodate your schedule, we often run several leagues within a year. Each season is 8 weeks long and consists of at least 28 matches and playoffs within that time. Every week, you play a minimum of 4 matches against other members of your league. On the 8th week the top 16 seeds compete in the playoffs.

To sign up for a league, head over to the Make a Reservation page and click on Detroit Axe League underneath the calendar for the location you want to attend.


Join an Axe Throwing League and Watch Your Skills Vastly Improve

The idea of the more you practice something, the better you’ll get holds true to axe throwing, as well. By joining a league, you will learn precise techniques to help you hit bullseyes and killshots much more frequently. Join with some friends or make new ones along the way as you all throw competitively against one another in a fun environment. Feel free to bring your own axe! League members also get a free t-shirt and $10 walk-ins when available.

Who knows- You may discover such a love for the sport that you continue on to compete in the world championships? You’ll never know how much fun it is until you experience it for yourself.

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