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Customers Share Their Unrivaled Interactive Experience at Detroit Axe

We strive to provide our customers with an unrivaled axe throwing experience. When you visit any one of our locations, you quickly understand that what sets Detroit Axe apart from any other Axe throwing experience is the level of personal, professional service you receive from our axe masters. That, coupled with delicious food and a full bar, elevate your interactive experience to another level. With that being said, we invite you to read some of our previous customers’ personal experiences and then head over to our Make a Reservation page to book a lane at the location nearest you.

"This was a great experience. Surprisingly everyone in our party did well so I think anyone can have fun here. Also, they are attached to a great bar so you can get drinks after. They also take safety quite seriously so I don't think anyone should worry about that at all."

Customer Testimonials: Detroit Axe - Read Our Reviews - stars1

- Mattison H.

"My coworkers and I went to Detroit Axe for a quarterly outing. It's a great place with plenty of room for groups of 8 or less. The beer was ice cold, food was great. Our instructor known as Axe Bishop was hella sweet and offers great advice on how to throw an axe."

Customer Testimonials: Detroit Axe - Read Our Reviews - stars1

- Chad S.

"Went here with my friend on NYE and we had a great time! I had been axe throwing once before but it was at a place in Lansing where you basically just throw on your own and score your own game, if you choose. At Detroit Axe, they have skilled axe throwers who will help throughout the experience. When we got there, we were put into a group of 8 and then had to come up with our axe throwing names to put on the scoreboard. Mine was E Valkyrie - thanks to our host for coming up with that axe-ellent name ;) We started with a round robin game where you compete against someone else in your group. After you're all warmed up with that, you do a tournament! I really like the format of the games and also the experience of having an axe-perienced person to give you tips and keep track of the game. The atmosphere was very fun and laid back. It's located in the back of the Corner Bar which is really cozy and looks like a nice place to hangout. Definitely recommend this for a hang out with friends, a date, family get-together, or even a company outing! Sorry about the axe puns."

Customer Testimonials: Detroit Axe - Read Our Reviews - stars1

- Eva R.

"So we were a little unsure at first, because of the reservation rules as far as number of people. We ended up trying for "walk-on" and were able to get a lane with only a 15 minute wait. You receive a safety briefing before you enter the throwing area, and once inside you taken 2 at a time for instruction on how to properly throw an axe. Your instructor will adjust your position on the lane during that time and also once the matches start to help you in sticking your throws. Great fun and well the visit. Absolutely need to go back."

Customer Testimonials: Detroit Axe - Read Our Reviews - stars1

- Scott V.

"I went with a group of five and they placed us with another group to round out the time slot. Our axe master was AxeTina and she spent lots of time working with us to perfect our throwing. She was very helpful, patient and her high energy made the event really fun. I'd highly encourage you to consider trying this fun sport."

Customer Testimonials: Detroit Axe - Read Our Reviews - stars1

- Celeste H.

"Easier than it seems. You start off not hitting the board but soon are able to stick it just about Everytime. Even the bullseye. Food is good as well. Drinks readily available. All around a blast and would highly recommend."

Customer Testimonials: Detroit Axe - Read Our Reviews - stars1

- Nicholas F.

"Hosted a 40th birthday party there. It was so fun! Jaden & Mike were our Axe Masters and helped everyone so much. Great atmosphere! Highly recommend for a group. We had enough people to have a tournament which was really fun."

Customer Testimonials: Detroit Axe - Read Our Reviews - stars1

- Nichole E.

"Great time with axes and other games. Great place to hang out with friends. Good food and drink. The staff was great, friendly and fun. Would definitely go again. Plus there is a great brunch menu."

Customer Testimonials: Detroit Axe - Read Our Reviews - stars1

- JJ. D.